Sell Your Items On SWFL’s Premier Online Auction!

There’s several ways WOW Auction & Estate Sales can be of assistance to you!
“Connecting Buyers & Sellers” is our specialty!

WOW Auction Consignments
Receive our Best Consignment Rates when you bring the items to us!
Submit a Drop-off Inventory List through the Inquiry Page for an Speedy Drop-off Process. 

Submit your own Listings through our “Self-Lotting” Program
Inquire & Apply to Become a Self-Lotter. Then Accept Terms to get your “Consignor Code” & Begin!

WOW Moving & Delivery Services
We will arrange for your items to be packed and brought to the WOW Warehouse to then be posted & sold!
Submit Information about your move!

WOW Buy-Out’s
The No-Hassle, Liquidation-like offer for your items.!
Submit Information about the items you wish to sell directly to WOW Auction!


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