Consignor Self Lotting Form – Sell

Consignor Lotting Form

  • For use if you already have a inventory method in place so the items are easier to find once brought to the WOW Warehouse.
  • Please capitalize the first letter of each word. You may use "&" or "w/" and similar abbreviations to save character space.
  • Please provide detailed information about your item(s). Provide brand names, model numbers, approximate value, general purpose, and any other information that will be valuable for the buyer. You must also provide a condition (New, Like New, Excellent, Good, Fair, Various, Parts or Repair) and describe why you chose that condition. If the item is working, please state "Tested & Working". Vintage items means 30+ years old. Antiques are 80+ years. ***This is the information that will be posted directly onto the auction and visible to all potential bidders so be sure to make it count!!
  • If you don't input the dimensions, you may be subject to the full $4 lotting fee. If there are several items, you may use a ruler or yardstick to show as a reference point in the pictures.
  • Copy and Paste the hyperlink of a web page that gives bidders more information about your item. The more information we can provide about your items, the better it will sell!
  • The WOW Auction 48 Hour Guarantee provides bidders with EXTRA confidence when bidding on an expensive item is unable/difficult to be tested at the WOW Auction Warehouse. Bidders will have until the end of business the following Monday to report back if items are not actually working in order to receive a full refund. ***ALL Appliances must be given the guarantee. We do not accept appliances to sell for parts or repair.
  • (Optional) Submit the lowest amount you're willing to sell the item for. If the reserve price is not met, you will "Buy Back" the item for only 10% of the highest realized bid. ***DO NOT bid on your own items!***
  • Drop files here or
    Make sure you take a picture (preferably the first one) of all the items put together. There MUST be a minimum of 4 pictures taken and maximum of 10 with solid backdrops without anything in the background. Pictures should cover all sides and any blemishes. If minimum standards are not met, the listing may be rejected or subject to the full $4 listing fee. **PRO TIP: Take the pictures on your phone's camera and then click "Photo Library" to quickly choose all of your images at once.** ***You may also submit a VIDEO to better demonstrate your item!