charitynaplesWith WOW Auction, it’s now easier than ever to support your favorite charity. Here’s how easy it is:

The non-profit organization (NPO) enters into a consignment agreement with WOW Auction. Click here to download a copy of our consignment agreement.
The donor contacts the NPO or WOW Auction directly to notify us of their desire to donate a tangible item. The donor may choose to deliver the item directly to the WOW Auction Showroom or contact us to arrange a pick-up.
Upon acceptance of the item by WOW Auction, the donor will receive a written acknowledgement indicating the date of the donation, a brief description of the item(s) and the name of the applicable NPO. This acknowledgement will be signed by both the WOW Auction representative and the donor.
A copy of the aforementioned signed acknowledgement will be forwarded to the NPO. The NPO will then issue a signed, qualified charitable in-kind donation receipt to the donor. This receipt will not contain any indication of the items value. The donor will be responsible for assigning a value to the donated item(s) and maintain the receipt for their tax records.
The WOW Auction staff will place the item(s) in an upcoming auction. Upon sale of the item the NPO will be issued a check for the net proceeds.

We formed this program to allow individuals who wish to donate tangible items the opportunity to support the organization of their choice rather than only those that have established thrift centers.

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